SWTOR Warzone Commendations Bind on Pickup in 4.7.3

Do you know if the Planetary Commendations will still drop randomly off of mobs in the world? I get it, but would it not have been better to give people a little more time? I mean those two are rating Campaign and rating Dread Guard. I think the game is going down the drain sooner than we expected…………………. I wanted to give you a heads up on a change included with Game Update 4. My altoholism does not need encouraging. At what point do I choose equipment for companions, or gear for myself for that matter, over planetary commendations as a mission reward?

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I get it, but would it not have been better to give people a little more time? What if they find out about this news after the update? Then they can suck it up? The whole point is that PvP gear is being removed from the game, so having warzone comms is now useless. Can say that given my share of support for Star Wars: Chat system is outdated just as the Game-Engine. Have they mentioned anything about what will happen to the items you buy with crystals? Will we get to buy them with credits at the same price as the conversion?

I just bought one of the pvp weapons by moving WZ comms from one char to another and now they tell us those cosmetic weapons wont be available outside ranked PVP?

How about we make cartel items only available for PVE players. They probably realized you could solo KotET on hardest setting in lvl 65 pvp gear with ease.

Not even interested in paying for KotET. Haha Y Sad But True.. Swtor Mmo at 5. Well then, enjoy your empty queues in group finder. I used to pay for this game when it was worth it. Several years to be precise. There is more than a month until the expansion launches, and they have only been going into detail for a week. Details are still being figured out and blog posts have to be prioritized and written.

Cosmetics being locked ranked players only. Will go and convert all green crystals to companion gifts, all pvp comms to decos. For blue and purple crystals you can get the mats on the Odessen vendor. But the toon has valor. Why should I have access to ranked PvP rewards? Thats not what hes talking about. He means the old-school orange-mod pvp weapons next to the terminal on fleet.

They were going to turn that into a ranked reward when normal commendations are eliminated but because everyone is upset theyre going to make that valor based instead. Also, we would all love an update on the infiltrator ship they put on hiatus 3 years ago. Vendors sell the same thing and are the same as the Warzone Commendation vendors for under level I have a related question: At what point do I choose equipment for companions, or gear for myself for that matter, over planetary commendations as a mission reward?

You cannot get more than a few until level Level 55 is the requirement for PvP gear purchase and Ranked Arenas. Until then, there are vendors where you can purchase PvE gear and other items. You can start accruing Classic comms at level Basic, Elite and Ultimate comms at level Well actually, you can start acquiring them a couple levels before that, if you're doing missions above your level.

You must be the above levels to purchase the gear associated with those comms tier. There is no true PvP gear gear with expertise below level There is gear with blue leveling mods in it available for purchase with Warzone comms on your factions capitol planet.

Ranked Warzone matches can be queued for at level 55 and you must be a subscriber. You can however start converting regular Warzone comms to Ranked Warzone comms at Valor Rank 40 and if I remember correctly your Valor Rank is capped at your current level until you hit level cap. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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