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Applause to you for covering this topic, although your collection methodology might be a little off. So iwant you to get back to me with information that i will need on how to proceed my post. The Wisconsin site even has comics. Newspapers According to Google. Enjoying your series Jeremy!

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This is a funny list. But since the newspaper itself just missed the top 25 by the much-smaller and increasingly irrelevant ABC print circ. Goes to show how those titles with global brand awareness USA Today, NYT etc have much greater potential to garner a significant internatonal audience as well. Good stuff — thanks for adding to the conversation. By the way, in my experience, Compete is a rather unreliable source for these figures; Quantcast does not make traffic guesses like Compete, they actually measure on site.

Man I need an editor. That said, my sentence is horrible and confusing. Applause to you for covering this topic, although your collection methodology might be a little off. Yes, you are correct. The concept was more to see how those papers with the highest circulation would rank by other factors.

Thanks for pointing that out though. Hello Sir, I am here to inform you that i want to post on your dailly Newspaper. So iwant you to get back to me with information that i will need on how to proceed my post. Technically, that is the traffic for seattletimes.

Wait a minute…a 12 month accumulative total? Take those numbers, divide by days of the year and you will find not one of those numbers is larger than their daily print circulation. Compete is not a reliable metric. The Daily Mail is first only if you count the traffic to its subsidiary personal finance site, ThisIsMoney , a Times spokeswoman pointed out. Unlike traditional online newspapers, the Mail Online bears little resemblance to the British tabloid that spawned it.

Consider the differences between the two on Thursday. In its xenophobia and parochialism, the piece was typical of the paper, which skews conservative, populist, and suburban. Also typical was the teaser that ran across the top of the paper, advertising a story in its Femail Magazine insert: The Mail Online also targets women, but in an entirely different way. On Thursday morning, the website carried no mention of Gypsies or valiant villagers. Cameron Diaz pulls some odd facial expressions while out and about in London.

It showed no original reporting, but efficiently distilled the more nuanced Times piece into a handful of paragraphs and pictures, leaving out the boring context and philosophizing. This is not news, really. Also, with the ever-rising popularity of online media, veteran publications like the U.

Another example of an online-only English daily newspaper is the Arabian Post], [11] focussing on the Middle East's current affairs and business. Hybrid newspapers are predominantly focused on online content, but also produce a print form. It is primarily an online newspaper, but publishes a hard copy twice a week.

In , the Reuters Institute [16] commissioned a cross-country survey on news consumption, and gathered data related to online newspaper use that emphasize the lack of use of paid online newspaper services.

All samples within each country were nationally representative. Half of the sample reportedly paid for a print newspaper in the past 7 days, and only one-twentieth of the sample paid for online news in the past 7 days. People with portable devices, like tablets or smartphones, were significantly more likely to subscribe to digital news content. Additionally, younger people— to year-olds—are more willing to pay for digital news than older people across all countries. Americans that the Internet is a leading source of news for people less than From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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