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You're good to go! This is the place that inspired the board game Monopoly. I played the highest bet in that place many of times and I do not bet on the horses. New York, NY 1 friend 31 reviews.

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I don't know who else to contact, but looks like legal representation is the way to go. It's a shame having to deal with this stress, negligence and the lack of professionalism of the said parties.

I received a letter from the legal department stating that since I left the premises, Empire is not responsible for the damage even though the video footage will clearly show the driver crashing my car. Remember to inspect every single inch of your car, no matter how dark or how many cars are waiting behind you. This casino is disgusting. This place is smelly, nasty, pathetic rotten excuse to rob people blind. I got several "bonuses" that paid ZERO.

It's a ghetto praying on locals like a criminal. It has a nasty "food court", seriously. I played in a little casino in a tiny town in Cass Lake, MN that was x cleaner, better payouts and was actually fun.

We were there for 1 hour, it felt like 4 hours of hell. There are actually girls walking around with trays with pre-poured sodas in cheap little plastic cups that are going flat and watering down - choices Pepsi or Ginger Ale.

Shame on the owner of this dump, shame on Yonkers for allowing this filthy establishment screw their citizens. Never will we return. This place can go to Ok if you want to play a penny minimum 20 game with no rhyme or reason.

Poker games few and far between and most not working. Food good but high priced. I don't even know where to begin I hate this casino so much it's filthy it's disgusting it's like something that I never want to go back to you ever again I recently heard that MGM has purchased this casino I really hope that they revamped it up and make it better because the way that it is now it's like I never want to go there again their food is terrible their games are terrible I'm definitely not coming back until MGM makes renovations and brings better machines better tables and better service Definitely one of the older looking casinos my wife and I had been to in a while.

With all of the modern casinos rising up now, including the newly-built Resorts World Catskills 1. After visiting a majority of the casinos in the East, including the popular ones in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and Atlantic City, Empire City was definitely a chance of pace.

We parked our car in the self-parking area and were able to catch a shuttle, that circles around the lot, to the back entrance. When we walked in, the atmosphere was dark and the air was a bit musty. The machines were a far cry from the new, brighter ones located in the newer casinos.

Basically, everything looked old. We took a stroll outside where the raceway was located and it was as dirty and aged as we expected.

Don't get us wrong, there were plenty of "attractive" slot machines at the casino, but it was also lacking quite a few, including the the popular Money Machine Deluxe slot game.

They only had the regular and free spin versions. Other than that exclusion, every slot machine one can dream of was located on the casino floor. When coming here, just keep expectations low as this isn't going to be your typical hotspot casino like many are today. This is a really nice local casino that offers a lot of different and new modern slots.

The whole casino is non smoking which is a huge plus. There are plenty of machines for everyone even on a crowded day. Free valet on Wednesdays which is a plus but they have free bus shuttles to the lot on other days. If you hate slots, you can always play the electronic roulette, baccarat, craps, etc If that doesn't thrill you, you can always bet on the horses. Believe it or not, the food court offers a pretty decent variety of food from Chinese, burgers to bakery selections The Cocina is another area where you can grab a quick hot dog or enjoy a little Mexican cuisine.

All in all, the food is pretty good. There is a variety of restaurants if you want something different and would prefer to be served. You could try Nonnas or Dan Rooney to name a few. This casino is clean and roomy so enjoy! I love this casino, I've been going now for a couple of years.

The location is accessible and convenient, with a lot of parking. The atmosphere is comfortable with a lot of security. They have two floors of slots, a bowling Alley, eateries, and live bands performing on certain nights. I do pretty well here on the slots and tables. I would definitely recommend Empire Casino if your looking for some local entertainment. There is a heavy presence of security, which made me feel extremely safe.

Every time I turned around I saw either casino security dressed in uniform, or uniformed police officers. Asides from the great sense of security in the atmosphere, the casino is well taken care of. Bathrooms are cleaned and well maintained. There are cleaning people constantly walking around and making sure the casino is super clean. During my visit I also stopped at the food court. The food court has a wide variety of foods for any body , and you definitely get your money's worth.

The portions are large , and the foods decent. The staff here is kind , and they try to accommodate you as much as possible. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to have fun or do something out of the box. Im not a big gambler and mostly lose all the time, but i enjoy it because it's something different for me. I love playing the bar and just watching sports relaxing.

I also enjoy watching the horses outside. Great entertainment and atmosphere This is a nice location with lots of machine. And they check your ID when you are coming in, make sure to get there early if you want to get the value card. The drinks servers are not very nice that are walking around with complimentary drinks, I got here really late at night so we weren't able to eat anything. I love that the entire establishment is non smoking which is a plus in my book and they have a lot of space so there is no need to be crowded.

They also have a shuttle services however the pick up and drop off is not close to where i was staying. What's a casino without dealers, a poker room, women, free valet, and a parking lot that isn't within walking distance. I guess some people call that a casino but I don't.

Nice try Their odds are the worst. So many machines had buttons that did not work. Save your money and go with a sure thing, a dinner at a nice restaurant or a shopping spree, much better odds of a fun night.

It is the closest place to go after our garden visit in the area. One of my friends is a regular guest. She was ready on this unplanned visit as she knew that it is close by. She had her member ID card and the vouchers the management mailed to her a long time ago with. While we were waiting for the in-house restaurant to open for lunch, she played in a slot machine with two other friends, while the men stopped by in the bar in the race view room and me with two other friends watched the horses race near the track for a live view.

An unplanned visit sometimes works best. My last visit here was when it's fairly new. I remember that it was over crowded during that night.

On today's visit, players or attendees are moderate in numbers. I did not like the idea that they remove serving food now while watching the horses race.

No more buffet service. There are more slots machines now on the ground floor but did not notice any table games. I may have just missed it or they really never have the service.

Unlike any other casinos, this has a full non- smoking floor. Wondering why I could easily find room when moving to different slot machines. Maybe it was just still early for the big game time. The ambiance of the casino is fairly modern. Not well known restaurants cater in the food court. Disappointed with it's small gift shop. I like their fast valet service. We got it for free as one of my companions applied for her own membership card.

They have huge parking lot. I see shuttle bus accommodating guests. Not sure if it is free like other big casino resorts. I don't want to overplay what has been said, but at first sight, Empire is every gambler's dream- folks mesmerized and hypnotized by slot machines. For some bizarre and strange reason, The Man thought, that my mom would get a thrill by coming here.

Now, my Mumsy is old-school- she likes playing the real deal- none that Empire offers. Nonetheless, rough start for us, but my old lady got the hang of it- very well indeed. It's not flashy, nor tasteful, but it works- if you're into slot machines or casinos. Getting a staff's attention was impossible.

I do have to say, Empire is actually, well kept from what I saw. If you are used to Vegas or AC and want that kind of experience this is probably not the place for you! What I love is that it's a smoke free casino omg if you've even spent an hour or two in a regular casino you'll know that cigar and cigarette smoke gets into every nook and cranny of your body like butter on a Thomases English Muffin. None of that here. I don't think you come to Empire to win big it's probably not going to happen.

Just hope to break even or come out a little ahead. Go for a few hours of fun because it's so close and you don't have to drive 3 hours to NJ or CT. Staff is friendly and lots of security so no worries. No free alcohol drinks so it probably cuts down on the drama and riff raff. I love this place!

I love watching the horses race. The food is good - and the casino is always really clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's never too crowded and they have great live music. Note that a majority of the downsides I have at this place are not necessarily the fault of the casino owners. First time going here and it honestly feels like you are visiting a homeless shelter. The entire building is crowded with people sitting and waiting for someone to play a game so that they can put in their "rewards card" so that they can get pennies on the dollar for free food.

The machines are generally well-kept however the behavior of many of the casino-goers i. The waitresses seem less-than-happy to be working there and they shout as if you are at a baseball game "beer and cocktails! Depressing atmosphere - clearly subpar payout rates on their machines. I would never go back. I think the best idea this place had was rebranding away from Yonkers Raceway. I've spent my life traveling to Atlantic City and Connecticut, peering into casinos I wasn't yet allowed to enter and then in my legal years losing my shirt at those same casinos, so I know what to expect when entering the land of gambling.

For EC, it has to combat New York laws which changes its complexion a bit. There is no hotel or high-end shopping. You won't find too much culinary cuisine more on that later. There aren't any human dealers for table games and there's a lack of America's favorite, poker.

So what will you actually find in Empire City? A pretty fun way to spend a day, that's what! But it's missing that true blue casino feeling and experience that Empire City comes oh so close to replicating.

Having been the originator of the area, EC has had the opportunity to redo, revamp, and expand from its initial launch. The food court was given a wonderful facelift even if what's served isn't too special.

Slot machine setup has a smooth transition from each area with automated dealer roulette wheels and other table games peppered in between. In terms of gaming, EC has a wide array of slots and has amped up their selection since first opening its doors. There's still a lot of ground to make up in supplying advanced slot machines seen at all casinos, but if the machines pay, why not play?

I've left EC a loser many times, but my winning experiences are pretty darn close you can't beat the house! Just this past Monday I walked out a winner, as did my parents who coined the idea of taking a trip here that afternoon. Come on the right night and your casino trip can also involve some horses as you can catch a few trotter races.

After all, you are at Yonkers Raceway. Overall, yes, Empire City is a casino. It's a New York casino that does everything it can to give you a quality gaming experience. It does have its shortcomings staff and fellow gamblers may not share the same enthusiasm you may encompass and that's why it's more of a 3. But when I want to spend a few bucks and don't feel like driving hours away, Empire City is the true winner.

If you find yourself in Yonkers, swing by and give them a shot. Maybe you'll win big because of my review. But if you lose, I didn't send you! I just enjoy coming here when I want to chill locally.

I mainly come here to have a few a drinks and gamble a bit. I always get that blast from the past feeling because of the decor, patrons and just the overall look. Ensure dependability by arriving to work station on time and adhering to all Must be at least 18 years old and able to obtain the appropriate license pursuant to the NY State Gaming Additional efforts will be across the travel industry which covers credit card partners, hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise companies, travel agencies, third Inspects establishment and observes workers and guests to ensure compliance with occupational, health, and safety standards and liquor regulations Click here for full page: Macau High rollers, luxury casinos and hotels plus a rich heritage make Macau one of the world's premiere gaming destinations.

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